Point Ban Time
1. By entering the server, you accept the following regulations. -
2. Failure to comply with the rules will result in the imposition of a penalty according to the tariff. -
3. It is forbidden to set a nickname: containing profanity, racist, pornographic content, related to religion or insulting another user. Ban 24h/PERM
4. It is forbidden to use an avatar: containing racist, pornographic, religious or offensive content. Ban 24h/PERM
5. When participating in the forum, follow the Discord server rules. -
6. Current complaints are directed to the administration only through a dedicated channel or a possible private message. All others may result in a penalty being imposed on the applicant. -
7. If you see a user who breaks the rules in the absence of the administration, you should write a report on the dedicated channel of our Discord server. -
8. The penalty may be appealed against. To do this, you need to create a ticket in the “Help-Center” tab and write the cancellation in it. Only in this form will the appeals be considered -
9. All evidence is required when reporting other players. Without it, such applications will be rejected. -
10. Ultimately, the administration is right about the contentious issues. -

#2 Gameplay

1 It is forbidden to use hacks and server and game errors to your advantage or disadvantage. PERM
2 It is forbidden to have more than one account (Multi-account). Ban 30d
3 It is forbidden to interfere with the administration in administrative activities (wrecking etc.). Kick/Ban 30m
4 During the game, it is forbidden to exit by alt + f4 / task manager. Kick/Ban 12h

#3 Building

1 Building a Skybase is forbidden (It must be possible to enter the base through the door from the ground). Ban 3h + Wreck
2 Bugging structures is forbidden. Ban 30d
3 Raided bases that will be standing for more than 24 hours will be removed. Wreck
4 Huge bases (which will reduce server performance) will be removed. Wreck
5 Bases inactive for more than 48 hours will be deleted. Wreck

#4 Chat communication/voice chat

1 No advertising of other servers or networks. Ban 7d
2 It is forbidden to instruct, provoke or ignore the admin's requests. Warn/Ban 1h
3 No spamming. Mute
4 Abuse of the microphone (shouting, playing music, trolling) is prohibited. Kick/Ban 1h
5 We do not transfer external conflicts to the server. Kick/Ban 1h
6 The server language is Polish and English. Statements in other languages will be considered as breaking the regulations. Kick/Ban 1h
7 It is forbidden to impersonate the administration. PERM
8 It is forbidden to ask the Administrator for items, teleportation or compensation for game errors and losses during PvP fights. Kick/Ban 1h
* The decision is made by the moderator / administrator
** The principle of recidivism applies to all penalties. Another breach will result in a penalty increased by 2 times.
*** If the administrator finds a violation of the rules and there is no point in the regulations regarding a given behavior, the administrator is obliged to block the player's account and inform the owner about the situation.