Point Ban Time
1. By entering the server, you accept the following regulations. -
2. Failure to comply with the rules will result in the imposition of a penalty according to the tariff. -
3. It is forbidden to set a nickname: containing profanity, racist, pornographic content, related to religion or insulting another user. Ban 24h/PERM
4. It is forbidden to use an avatar: containing racist, pornographic, religious or offensive content. Ban 24h/PERM
5. When participating in the forum, follow the Discord server rules. -
6. Current complaints are directed to the administration only through a dedicated channel or a possible private message. All others may result in a penalty being imposed on the applicant. -
7. If you see a user who breaks the rules in the absence of the administration, you should write a report on the dedicated channel of our Discord server. -
8. The penalty may be appealed against. To do this, you need to create a ticket in the “Help-Center” tab and write the cancellation in it. Only in this form will the appeals be considered -
9. All evidence is required when reporting other players. Without it, such applications will be rejected. -
10. Ultimately, the administration is right about the contentious issues. -

#2 Gameplay

1 The server is governed by the principle of fair-play, pure and honorable competition. -
2 On the server it is forbidden to rob other groups by joining and robbing them. (Taking items out of chests / base salvage) Ban 7d + Wreck
3 On the server, the maximum number of people in a group of players is 5. Kick/Ban 1h
4 It is forbidden to continuously campaign from base to location on the server (campaigns to other bases are allowed). The exception is the raid, in which case it is allowed for defense purposes. Ban 12h/1d
5 It is forbidden to use hacks and server and game errors to your advantage or disadvantage. PERM
6 It is forbidden to have more than one account (Multi-account). Ban 30d
7 It is forbidden to interfere with the administration in administrative activities (wrecking etc.). Kick/Ban 30m
8 During the game, it is forbidden to exit by alt + f4 / task manager. Kick/Ban 12h

#3 Building

1 Building a Skybase is forbidden (It must be possible to enter the base through the door from the ground). Ban 3h + Wreck
2 Building in foreign bases is forbidden Ban 1h - 3h
3 The maximum dimensions of the base per group are 5x5x5 + garage 2x2x2 (maximum 30m from the base). Wreck
4 The maximum dimensions of the base per group with a bunker are 5x5x3 + no garage (the base must be on the bunker) Wreck
5 Bugging structures is forbidden. Ban 30d
6 The maximum number of plots per base is 20. Wreck
7 Raided bases that will be standing for more than 24 hours will be removed. Wreck
8 Huge bases built side by side (which will reduce server performance) will be moved. -
9 One group may have a maximum of one base. Wreck
10 A maximum of 5 structures can be placed on a vehicle. Wreck
11 Bases inactive for more than 48 hours will be deleted. Wreck

#4 Chat communication/voice chat

1 On the server culture is valid. -
2 Profanity is not welcome (we recommend limiting your use of them). Warn/Ban 1h
3 It is forbidden to insult, provoke, threaten or criticize other users. Warn/Mute 1d
4 No advertising of other servers or networks. Ban 7d
5 It is forbidden to instruct, provoke or ignore the admin's requests. Warn/Ban 1h
6 No spamming. Mute
7 When speaking through the microphone, make sure that it is operational and that you can be heard clearly. -
8 Abuse of the microphone (shouting, playing music, trolling) is prohibited. Kick/Ban 1h
9 We do not transfer external conflicts to the server. Kick/Ban 1h
10 The server language is Polish and English. Statements in other languages will be considered as breaking the regulations. Kick/Ban 1h
11 It is forbidden to impersonate the administration. PERM
12 It is forbidden to ask the Administrator for items, teleportation or compensation for game errors and losses during PvP fights. Kick/Ban 1h
* The decision is made by the moderator / administrator
** The principle of recidivism applies to all penalties. Another breach will result in a penalty increased by 2 times.
*** If the administrator finds a violation of the rules and there is no point in the regulations regarding a given behavior, the administrator is obliged to block the player's account and inform the owner about the situation.